Eggs promote weight loss - scientists

For a long time the doctors argued that the frequent consumption of eggs is dangerous to health. This product, according to one theory, increases the level of cholesterol and proteins are poorly absorbed by the body.

In fact, the rumors about the harmfulness of eggs exaggerated, and 1-2 eggs a day will do you more good than harm. In the latter study, researchers found: eggs reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes due to the content in the product of vitamins a, E, B12 and B6.

The composition of the eggs are antioxidants needed by the body at any age. These compounds protect cells from oxidation and prolong youth.

Scientists are advised to eat eggs for everyone who wants to save the form as amino acids and egg whites are ideal as a building material for the body.

The caloric value of this product is not so high and the benefits are often underestimated. One egg for Breakfast reduces daily calorie 400 kcal, showed one of the studies. If you combine the right diet with physical activity, then knead for one without effort it is possible to lose up to 1.5 pounds of excess weight.

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