Effects of diets - how not to lose your teeth?

Female beauty is the subject of many treatises, songs, poems, poems, novels, paintings and other works of art. Since ancient beauty of women has been praised by poets and musicians, artists and writers. Every era has declared his ideal of female beauty and followed him. And no matter that sometimes the subsequent ideal not only match, but also contrary to the standard of the previous era.

Modern ideal woman little resemblance to the standard appeal of the previous epochs. Gradually the artificial beauty of the glossy magazines of the last century gives way to the natural beauty that can only be achieved with a healthy lifestyle. Fresh skin, athletic figure, healthy hair and perky smile - that's the way our ladies, women of the XXI century.

Fashion for a healthy lifestyle, Smoking cessation and alcohol in favor of quality of life, reduces the number of diseases associated with unhealthy habits. Now, turning to the 40-year-old woman, watching their health, in most cases, use the word "girl". Because slim trim figure, stately posture, open smile and the fire in his eyes - the characteristics of youth. Healthy woman always looks young and attractive.

However, many girls prefer to realize the ideal of beauty other methods. They are ready to experience an infinite number of diets to lose weight, not realizing that by doing so not only harmful to health, but also put his life at risk. Some ladies drive themselves to anorexia.

As a result, fashion lovers diet irreversible changes in the body. Begin hormonal disruptions, reduced immunity, heart problems and other bodies. In most cases, Ispytateley diets are patients at specialized clinics. There are problems with your teeth, which can lead to their partial or total loss.

Rehabilitation of victims of diets can take years. They have gradually return handsome to restore hair and teeth. Depending on the severity of the defeat of bone tissue the doctors propose to make a full or partial denture. If the front teeth are severely suffered or began to disintegrate from lack of minerals, without implantation is not enough. Victims diets become, as a rule, young girls who have a whole life ahead. With implants, they will live for many years and people will never guess about their past problems. Learn more about dental implants can be read on the website of the clinic http://denta.dostalet.ru/implantology/implant.

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