Effective teeth whitening

Whitening teeth is an important component of aesthetic dentistry. After all, when your teeth healthy and fully perform their functions, so it is important the most advantageous to show it to others. A great chance to provide modern whitening system Zoom 3.

What is the procedure

The patient is placed in a dental chair. With the capacitor capture zone of a smile. Gums are isolated by a protective gel on the teeth also cause the photosensitive gel with calcium phosphate. Then within fifteen minutes enamel irradiated with a special lamp. Then change the gel on the teeth and make the second fifteen-minute stage of irradiation. Performing three to four sets of identical duration.

What is lamp Zoom

Lamp Zoom - halogen UV lamp. Under the action of ultraviolet radiation from the gel applied to the teeth, is released from active oxygen, which breaks down the pigment in the tooth enamel. Manufacturer of lamps and consumables for whitening system Zoom - California company Dental Discus, which leads the market for whitening systems since the nineties of the twentieth century.

The advantages of whitening Zoom 3

What to do before

How to behave after


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Responsible clinic does not entirely predict how effective whitening system in a given patient. However, on the side of the hospital dental diamond reputation manufacturers Zoom3, experience and statistics white smiles of patients.

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