Effective cellulite reduction

Probably, there is this girl who has never met with this phenomenon on her buttocks as orange peel. Cellulite can be every girl, and it makes no difference whether thin or you complete this disease affects almost all girls. Most often, cellulite appears due to improper power supply, a stationary lifestyle, wearing a narrow service and so on, But do not worry, because this problem is solvable, it is only necessary to devote some time to your body.

So where to start? Of course, with power. You need to review your diet, and stick to the basic rules:

1. Drink the water. We do not notice that they drink very little water, but it participates in the secretion of fat. But it does not mean you have to drink 10 liters per day in order to lose weight quickly, fairly and two. If you have bad habits, try to get rid of them, or at least reduce their effect on your body. Do not drink coffee, alcohol, Smoking also contributes to the formation of orange peel, because metabolic processes are slowed down, the liquid is not able to fully eliminate not needed substances. Forget about fashoda! Eat a healthy diet, and you will see not only a great result on your buttocks, but also the skin will improve, hair, nails.

2. Anti-cellulite massage. It can be done at home and in the salon. Its advantage is that it increases metabolism, promotes lymph drainage. Well during the massage to use oil of orange, juniper, geranium.

3. The cream. If you will only use creams, it is due will not bring results. Therefore, in combination with other methods, can expect a positive effect.

4. The scrubs. They should be applied before wrapping or application of soda baths. That will help improve the penetration of nutrients into the skin.

5. The wrap. They, too, can be done at home. To do this you need to buy plastic wrap, essential oil of lemon or orange and cosmetic clay, preferably black. Before this procedure, use the scrub.

6. The sports. Do at least basic exercises - squats, bike, legs swinging, etc.

7. Soda baths. Very popular and useful procedure. Before using the processed skin scrub. Dialed bath, add to it half packs of soda and sea salt. Well if after the bath you will wrap for half an hour.

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