Effective calming tea recipe

Often worry? Nerves do not give You peace? And to top it off You come insomnia? Then the recipe relaxing tea for You shared one of Staritsa. It is very simple to prepare, but you need to find the right ingredients.

So, for our calming tea you will need: spoon, teapot, hot water (not boiling) and herbs.

You need to take a tablespoon of mint and pour in the kettle. In may and in the summer of mint growing in the gardens, in this case, it is possible to fall asleep in fresh cut or breaking into small pieces. If You can't find fresh mint, buy dry in the pharmacy.

Then Melissa. It must look the same as mint. Also in the spring and summer, Melissa grows on the leaves. In drugstores it more difficult to find, so it's best to contact the people selling spices and herbs. Melissa is indispensable for making a calming tea, because of its essential oils contain more than two hundred compounds, many of which have a calming effect.

The next component onhis calming tea - leaves of a black currant. But choose them carefully: they must be young and without damage. The number currant same amount of lemon balm and mint.

All necessary wash in lukewarm water (if you took the fresh leaves and put into the teapot.

And the last component: black tea. A tablespoon of tea (not tea bags) is poured into the kettle and pour it with hot water.

Wait for 2-3 hours. During this time, tea time to stand and receive the aroma of herbs. Next, pour tea, as usual. If necessary, you can add cool water. To drink without sugar!

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The effectiveness of calming tea increases the company of close to You, beloved people.

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