Effect of acupuncture on the body

Acupuncture, in other words, acupuncture is one of the areas of Oriental medicine, in which the effect on the body is through a special acupuncture needles. Most often, this method of treatment is used to raise the General tone of the body, get rid of diseases or as a painkiller.

In our time no one was surprised by different methods of treatment and acupuncture is no exception, but nevertheless not all agree on this procedure. This is due to ignorance of the details and fear to hurt yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how acupuncture is useful and whether it is suitable absolutely everyone without exception.

Acupuncture is a science. Today there are a large number of schools and training centers where you can gain valuable knowledge in the field of Oriental medicine. For those who decided to try it out for yourself, be sure to look at the diploma and its licence to operate in the above field.

Today, there is a list of diseases approved by the International Health Organization, at which acupuncture is one of the most effective methods of treatment. They include:

• Respiratory infections (sinusitis, colds, rhinitis, tonsillitis);

• Diseases of the mouth (sore throat, toothache, inflammation of the gums);

• Headaches, including migraines;

• Eye disease (conjunctivitis, cataracts);

• Gastro-intestinal tract.

All of these ailments can be cured by acupuncture, but it is worth remembering that only under supervision of a specialist and, of course, on his recommendation.

With acupuncture, you can adjust your appetite and improve your metabolism, which in turn leads to lower and normalize weight. Therefore, many nutritionists recommend acupuncture as a method of weight loss. But do not think that this is a panacea. Using acupuncture needles can only guide the working mechanism of our body in the right direction, but not to lose dozens of pounds.

Despite the fact that this technique is quite effective in the treatment of various diseases, there are categories of people for whom acupuncture is prohibited. These include:

• patients who have tumors, especially if it is cancer;

• those who are ill with a communicable disease;

• alcoholics;

• drug addicts;

• older people;

• children;

• women in position.

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Also, do not forget that acupuncture may prohibit an attending physician on the basis of medical contraindications.

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