Educational toys for children

For anybody not a secret that toy is a favorite pastime of all children and even some adults. The toys help to develop useful skills, give free rein to the imagination of the kid, help us understand our world. When choosing toys should take into account the child's age and preference.

Toys for children from 0 to 3 months

At such a tender age, the baby will be happy and bright trinkets and mobiles. The latter should be placed at a distance of 15-25 cm from the eyes of a child. Every 3-4 days as necessary to change the toys on the mobile, then the kid will always perceive them as new. Bright musical mobile will be an excellent tool for the development not only of sight and hearing.

When choosing rattles it is advisable to pay attention to the colored convenient for grasping items. It is advisable to choose rattles placed inside them small items. The pyramid is a versatile toy that will interest the child for a long time. Such fun promotes colour recognition and development of vision. Preferably, in the home collection were toys made of wood, rubber, plastic.

Toys from 4 to 7 months

At this age, children usually begin to pull in my mouth, studying the surrounding world, so parents should take care of the purchase of the rings-soothers different forms. They can shove in his mouth, sucking, biting. You can also give your baby soft toys that sing or produce certain sounds.

Grasping the skills the child will help to develop a rag ball or cube. You need to choose a small toy that the child can easily take her little hands. Fine motor skills develop wonderful wooden beads.

Toys with 9-12 months

When the child is nearing its first anniversary, it is time to begin to develop the logic and thinking. The baby, for example, you can show the puppet theatre. To film some fairy tale with the dolls-gloves. After the kid can play with it as with an ordinary doll. At this age children can also offer to play with the pyramid, toys with holes of different diameters and shapes, designers and cubes, some household items.

Toys for children from 1 to 3 years

Balls, soft and rubber toys, mechanisms on wheels, Board games, age-appropriate, puzzles - all this will contribute to the development of kids from one to two years. With a three years old child can offer a more complex puzzle and Board games. The joy of the baby will cause all sorts of applications, modeling clay, finger paints, etc.

Toys from 3 to 6 years

To develop the child's thinking and logical abilities you can use magnetic boards with numbers and letters, complex type constructors Lego Duplo.

Toys from 6 years and older

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The selection of toys for children of school age is quite wide. The younger the student will be glad to receive your creative kits, which include devices for sewing, pens, dolls, etc. For older children, you should choose toys by interests.

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