Educated people rarely turn to doctors for help

Scientists from the Belgian Scientific Institute of public health has shown that the education level of the person and his health are interrelated. As it turned out, the more a person is educated, the less he is faced with the disease throughout his life.

Scientists have made this conclusion based on the results of the analysis more than 11 thousands of medical examinations conducted in 2008-2009. Chronic diseases among people with higher education met in 20 cases out of 100, whereas, people with secondary education was sick of chronic disease in 44 cases. In short, the more educated a man is, the less he needed the help of doctors.

According to scientists, this is due to the fact that owners of higher education higher standard of living and social position more stable. In addition, an educated person tends to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and controls our habits and actions.

It should be noted that a similar study was conducted previously by scientists from Canada, which found that in addition to higher education, to health of body affected by the presence of family and cats.

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