Edible gel will help in the fight against obesity, scientists say

Special gel developed by scientists from the University of Birmingham. As soon as he enters the stomach, under the action of the gastric juice it swells and for a long time to digest. Its properties can be used to treat severe forms of obesity together balloon therapy, when the volume of the stomach artificially decreases due to the cavity filled with air.

In the future it is planned to develop a series of products with the addition of the gel. The main problem, according to scientists, is the softness of modern products. They just don't have time to linger in the digestive tract. That is why a person feels hungry, even if you recently ate.

In the gel include hydrocolloids, changing their properties upon contact with the acidic environment. Derived from seaweed, citrus and starch. The gel is suitable for use. Today this formula is used as a thickener in some food products.

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However, the development and significant disadvantages. The digestion of the gel formed sugars that are quickly absorbed into the blood. Now scientists are aimed at the substitution of fast sugars in carbohydrates, absorption of which is in the gut would take more time.

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