Ecstasy even in small doses - a deadly drug

Ecstasy even in small doses can cause death if taken in a stuffy room with a large number of people. It is, of course, about Nightclubs. Even the lowest dose of the drug in this case is having a devastating effect on the human body, says Live Science. Ecstasy leads to overheating of the body, loss of consciousness and heat stroke. In addition, possible complications due to impurities in the drug.

Scientists conducted tests on rats. Animals were placed in different conditions. In some cells was created calm with optimal temperature, in other cells the temperature purposefully increased. Mice received a dose of drug. At normal temperatures the animal brain is not so much suffered. The heat also had a detrimental effect on the organs and systems.

Hyperthermia combined with hepatic and renal failure, cardiac arrest, tachycardia, and increased muscle tension. Scientists warn - there are no safe drugs. Even one time can lead to irreversible consequences.

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