Economists spoke about the easiest way of saving money

American economists in the study identified the most effective method of preserving accumulated. The results obtained are published EurekAlert!

Tip one: impulsive purchases are evil. Do not succumb to the temptation to buy something not really needed with a decent discount. Most likely, the thing will lie dormant. Better to pay attention to the really relevant goals and try to achieve them.

Second tip: build a picture of your future. If you know what you want tomorrow, it is easier to protect yourself from unnecessary expenses. Sarah Newcomb, author of the study, believes that a blueprint for the future, recorded on a sheet of paper, really helps to save money and to save money.

Tip three: stop taking pointless credits. Yes, most banks now give quite favorable conditions for taking loans. But think maybe no new TV, you can live a happy life? In the end, happiness is not in the purchases.

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