Eating yogurt improves the function of the brain

Conducted by American scientists, the study found that there is interconnectedness between the intestinal microflora and mental abilities. Scientists from the University of California conducted a unique scientific research, the results of which established a direct link between the function of the human brain and onto his stomach, writes A more detailed study is published in the journal Gastroenterology.

In the study of American specialists were involved 36 healthy women aged 18-55 years. They were divided into 3 groups. Participants of the first group during the month 2 times a day, eat yogurt, which was formulated with prebiotics useful microorganisms that have beneficial effects on the intestinal microflora. The second group ate plain yogurt without additives, and the participants of the third group did not consume yogurt at all.

As shown by the results of scientific work, those women who regularly drank the yogurt was reduced activity in two brain areas responsible for the response to stimuli of emotions and signals coming from different parts of the body. As a result, using regular yogurt women more calmly reacted to external stimuli compared with those who did not consume yogurt at all. In the group of participants who ate plain yogurt without prebiotics, were reported interim results. In addition, in the first group was marked by more intense interconnectedness between areas of the brain involved in cognitive activity.

Based on this, the researchers concluded that changes in the intestinal microflora influence the activity of brain areas that control brain activity and emotions. The study of American specialists became another confirmation of the fact that a healthy gut determines the state of health in General.

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