Eating spicy food before going to sleep is fraught with nightmares

Dishes containing a large number of spices, seasonings and spices can cause nightmares. This is because after taking spicy food the metabolism is accelerated, thereby increasing the temperature of the human body, and the brain is activated.

Scientists from the Center for sleep disorders at the Cleveland clinic in Ohio, who conducted the study, it is recommended not to eat too spicy food just before bedtime, because it may result in deterioration of its quality and nightmares, reports NBC News.

The mentioned study was conducted among 398 people, 8.5% of whom had experienced the above symptoms after eating spicy food. Because of accelerated metabolism, increasing temperature and active brain activity, every 1.5 hours people got in REM sleep, which is characterized by dreaming. In addition, it was observed dysfunction of the frontal part of the brain that causes violations of the mechanisms associated with emotional response and memory.

According to experts, such effects leads bedtime traditional Mexican or Thai cuisine. That is why they recommend not to use such meals at least three hours before bedtime. In their opinion, the process of digestion can cause bad sleep, and can lead to the fact that the next morning he wakes up sleepy and not rested.

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