Eating red meat is harmful to health

Scientists have found an explanation for how red meat is harmful to humans. They managed to find the reason for the lovers of bacon, steaks and meat more often than others to suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The mentioned study was conducted by researchers from the University in Cleveland, and detailed the results of a study published in the journal Nature Medicine.

According to scientists, saturated fatty acids cholesterol are not absolutely harmful for patients with cardiovascular diseases. They came to this conclusion after studying the history of diseases 2595 people with these ailments. After studying the stories scientists have established a link between contained in red meat carnitine and the formation of trimethylamine-N-oxide in the body, as well as the formation of fat on vascular walls. This is why researchers are advised to reduce the intake of red meat, but this does not mean that they call for vegetarianism.

It should also be noted that carnitine, which has a negative impact on health is contained in beef, venison, pork and lamb.

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