Eating red meat increases the risk of developing diabetes in men

Experts from the National center of cancer research in Japan found that men who are lovers of red meat: beef and pork, the propensity to diabetes increases 1.4 times. Over 5 years of research, experts have studied the data of 64 000 people, whose age ranged from 45 to 75 years old.

The researchers concluded that those men who every day eat, on average, 108 grams of meat products, are prone to the emergence of their diabetes by 1.36 times greater than those males who eat no more than 23 grams of meat. In addition it was found that men who prefer beef and pork other meat, 1.42 times more likely to suffer from diabetes.

As reported by Japanese scientists in his report, this phenomenon is due to the fact that the blood of the lovers of red meat increases the level of iron that causes the production of insulin in smaller quantities. However, it was also found that women increase the likelihood of diabetes, vitamins and quantity of meat is not connected.


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