Eating oatmeal will prevent cancer

Scientists have long proved how useful of porridge. Porridge contains a complex of vitamins and minerals that not only are the means to replenish forces, but also can prevent cancer. However, modern society is accustomed to eat in fast food, neglects a healthy diet, so scientists from the National cancer Institute of the city of Rockville (The National Cancer Institute in Rockville) decided to conduct a series of experiments to confirm the use of cereals and their ability to prolong life.

This study took place over two decades, which has seen the participation of about 400 thousand people. The main goal of the research is the effect of the use of cereals in the human body.

In the course of the study was to determine the composition of cereals. Product contains: cellulose, minerals, protein, many vitamins, Frolovo acid and other many useful elements that your body needs. All components are beneficial to the intestines, and are also antioxidants.

In addition, people who periodically used about 25 grams. cereals, the risk of cancer was 20% lower than those who ate the order of 15 gr. in day.

Among the volunteers were most popular buckwheat porridge, but the most beneficial was is oatmeal and rice cereal.

To do this, scientists at the Research Institute of Illawarra conducted a series of tests, which proved that the daily consumption of cereals reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

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