Eating disorder makes girl have soap and sponge

A young British woman named Kerry Trebilcock loves eating sponges for washing dishes, soap and cleaning products, usually feeling a sharp hunger catches up with her in the bathroom or while washing dishes.

This is not a new European fad, the girl previously suffered from hookworm disease caused by parasites in the intestinal round worms. She caught them in Morocco in 2008 and since then almost can't eat normal foods. Developed the disease gradually, she wanted to have all inedible, but the feeling of saturation did not occur. Until she tried a sponge for washing dishes, and then came peace.

"I am very picky sponges who eat, I love sponge certain rigidity, and the soap is organic," says the girl. Kerry tries to pass on the usual food, dipping your sponge in tea or chocolate, but until a normal diet is still far away.

Her mental illness is the inability to eat edible things called disease peak, it forces her to eat inedible objects. Other reported cases of this disease reported addicted patients to other metal objects, chalk, charcoal, and sometimes even to the lights and buttons.

Do not think that this diet makes a girl happier, it entails persistent constipation, colic or diarrhea.

Kerry is treated by a psychologist and drink a course of vitamins, but the treatment is slow and his passion for it to give up until may.

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