Eating at the computer does harm to human health

"There at the computer is bad" - spoken by all. And indeed it is. Consumption of food does harm to our health for many reasons. This increased rate of food consumption: we simply do not notice, as the absorbed portion per portion. The damage and the quality of the food: often the monitor screen we absorb fatty foods or foods rich harmful carbohydrates. Scientists from around the world agreed that the meal of the computer leads to overweight.

In addition, a recent study revealed another truth: electromagnetic waves emanating from the computer, change the structure of the water contained in the food in the worst way. Such conclusions are made on the basis of the study, molecular analysis of water molecules before and after irradiation.

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Changes of water affected by far not the most favorable way. Despite the fact that the person doesn't notice the difference in the taste of this water, its damage is quite significant and only accumulates. The "charged water" may couple the trigger to the development of such diseases with unclear etiology, as Alzheimer's and cancer.

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