Eat vegetables with pleasure - children makes water

If during lunch child to give to drink a glass of water, then he will be more willing to eat vegetables. To this rather unexpected conclusion recently reached by the specialists of the University of Oregon. According to specialists, the water forces the child to make choices useful products, says the Agency The Daily Mail.

Scientists had analyzed the diet of 75 children age category 3-5 years. So, the children enjoyed eating a lot more raw vegetables, such as peppers and carrots, if they were given as a drink plain water. But now the water is carbonated, by contrast, did not produce a similar effect.

As stated by Professor Bettina Cornwell: "the Children of modernity from the early childhood sweet, high-calorie drinks like Cola in the depths of his consciousness associated with fatty and salty foods such as chips. Moreover, from habit and experience depends largely on their tastes.

And plain water for food can change the look. It is necessary to take into account, and, of course, first and foremost, parents, since the Foundation of eating behavior is laid in the first years of life and has a huge influence on a person's later life.

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