Easy way to lose weight - algae and bread

"If you during Breakfast, not eat, because your body is still sleeping, diet Breakfast, add bread and seaweed", writes The Daily Mail. A recent study proved - this bread allows you more time to experience the feeling of saturation and during the day for 179 calories to eat less.

The above figure is equivalent to a full workout performed on a treadmill. Algae give the bread salty taste, and this suggests that the bread does not contain dangerous for those suffering from cardiovascular disease salt. Employees of the University of Sheffield Hallam was tested bread almost 80 generally healthy, but quite full of people. Age tested ranged from 18 to 65 years.

In the first week of the experiment the volunteers were eaten about 100 grams of simple bread with salt, and then them another week had eaten bread with added seaweed instead of salt. Breakfast in total were offered scrambled eggs and toast. Later in the course of the day, volunteers were offered unlimited amounts of pasta and tomato sauce.

Experts have conducted measurements of the volume of food eaten, blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol. They tested the participants assessed the feelings of hunger and saturation. As a result, already in the second week of the experiment the volunteers for saturation ought to consume less energy. In the future this trick can give a significant reduction in weight.

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