Easy access to sleeping pills and pain will remain in the past

Since June 25, the people of Russia will not be able to buy a sleeping pill and a list of other drugs. The cause was prepared by the Ministry of health decree concerning the tightening of the implementing rules of potent drugs, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". In a kind of "black list" was sent to more than 90 products.

Now, their numbers are hypnotics, analgesics, endocrinology drugs. They will all be subjected to rigorous subject-quantifiable. This means that pharmacies will be required to store them and the documentation associated with acceptance-otpuskai in the special conditions. In case of violation of the prescribed norms, it is assumed the criminal case.

Experts believe that innovation will contribute to the reduction of the share of these drugs in pharmacies. If we take into account the fact that the right to leave and storage of such tools have only 10% of the pharmacies, doctors and patients can encounter a number of problems. In a difficult situation to be sick with cancer who require constant use of strong painkillers.

It should be noted that, in General, the experts of the pharmaceutical market was given a positive assessment to the idea of the Ministry of health on the control of the dispensing of drugs that are potentially suitable for the manufacture of drugs.

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