Earthlings will build the first colony on Mars

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and the closest neighbor of the Earth. This planet has some similarities with the Earth. It is assumed that her life is possible.

The recently opened project Mars One already has a huge database ready to go to Mars without the possibility to return back. Thousands of people have applied and are ready to begin learning about the planet and established there the first colony.

It is planned resettlement forty people. In 2020, the first four lucky winners will be sent for mastering the new planet. But now there are hundreds of thousands of willing, even given the fact that participation in this mission is a one - way ticket. Program on return of the colonists is not planned.

The cost of such a great program - $ 6 billion. Money is supposed to be found with the help of sponsors and broadcast everything that will happen in the first human settlement on Mars.

At present the project is at the planning stage and has a lot of difficulties. Repels and cost, and aggressive environment and high level of solar radiation. But the number of enthusiasts is enough. Now you can buy Souvenirs with symbols and simply donate money for the development of the project.

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