Early weaning of the infant does not affect the weight and height

It is believed that early feeding baby solid food leads to excessive weight, especially in the first year of life. A recent study conducted by pediatricians Munich, showed that early weaning is not does not affect the physical development of the baby and especially not increase the risk of obesity.

These studies built on the observation of 700 babies in the past two years. All the children were divided into groups of observations on the basis of early introduction of solid foods.

Children who received the first solid foods for three months, first weighed less than their peers and contemporaries, but caught up with them for six months. To two years of life, there was no difference in physical development among all groups of children.

Dr. Berthold Koletzko, said: "Early weaning will not affect the physical development of the child in the future, the timing of the introduction of the individual for each baby and only parents can determine them, seeing the first signs of a baby. Already in three months there is active communication with the child's parents when the child begins to show interest in the food he starts to reach for it, the time has come for the first feeding. If the child does not show interest - wait".

Source: American journal of clinical nutrition

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