Early sex may prevent long-term relationships

According to a study of 11 thousand unmarried, have had a serious relationship, sex, occurred on the first date is a bad decision from the point of view of preserving long-term relationships. According to My Health News Daily, they were asked to assess the level of satisfaction with the relationship, the ability to communicate with partners and to maintain a stable relationship.

Among the couples who were in a relationship for at least a year, satisfaction with life together was detected to a lesser extent in humans, sexual contact which occurred before or during the first weeks of the relationship, couples, expecting sex more time, or those who abstained. They have worse was to fellowship with each other, a low estimation of the stability of the relationship. According to experts, the reason for this pattern is not known.

Moreover, the results remained even after the adoption of researchers into account the effects of such factors as race, education, number of sexual partners and religion.

Perhaps starting to have sex early, people hope to maintain the frequency of contacts at the same level in the future. Over time, however, there is a decrease of interest of the partners. This, according to the assumption of the staff of Brigham young University, and due to dissatisfaction.

But according to Justin Lehmiller of Harvard University, the correctness of the findings is questionable, since the degree of satisfaction differed slightly. In addition, tracking pairs did not last long, which makes it difficult right conclusion. Also not ruled out a simple difference of people willing to join immediately in sex from the other.

Still, scientists admit the possibility of the influence of external factors such as family history, relationship to relationship. Depends largely on the decision to have sex after a short time after they met.

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