Early menopause. How to stay young

Many women experience early menopause: 35-40 menstruation ends, and health and youth damaging estrogen deficiency. Is it possible to stay young? In the climax, there are three periods. First - premenopausal (pre-menopausal) begins, usually in 40-45 years. At this time, reduced production of estrogen. There is a change in discharge, irregular menstruation. The length of the period can last up to 10 years. The level of estrogen falls so that finally stops menstruation. The second period lasts from the last menstrual period of 12 months . This occurs mainly in the 52-55 years. The third period is post-menopause. The norm for the onset of menopause is 50 years old. But today is premature or early menopause at age less than 40 years. The causes. The most common cause of early onset of menopause is heredity. In other cases it is a violation occurring in the female body, which causes: - a course of radiation therapy or chemotherapy in adolescence or childhood; - autoimmune disease; surgical treatment of ovary; - the transfer of internal infection; low immunity; - low calorie diet; stress; hormonal drugs. Regardless of the reason, the result cease to produce eggs that makes a woman unable to conceive. In addition, increases the risk of heart disease, the bones become fragile. Because of the deficiency of hormones can form tumors. The skin becomes dry, wrinkled, become brittle nails, fall out, in some cases, the hair. If you will find signs of menopause, be tested by an oncologist, endocrinologist and the gynecologist. Signs of menopause: weakness, increased heart rate, cessation of menstruation , the violation of the cycle, insomnia, chills, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and other mucous membranes, pressure surges. Treatment is More effective treatment of early menopause hormone replacement therapy. Women are prescribed the drug, which included sex hormones as the body experiences a deficit. Drugs normalize emotional, psychological state, softens the tides. Proper treatment warns the development of diseases that are associated with menopause, will help to stop the dramatic aging of the skin. But this therapy is contra-indications: uterine bleeding, cancer of the mucous membrane of the uterus, thromboembolism, acute hepatitis. In other cases, it is necessary examination, which is held with the uterus, gall stones, endometriosis, epilepsy. If hormone therapy is contraindicated, then you can take the homeopathic medicines that are composed of extracts of plants that replace female hormones, and diet, herbal remedies. If during menopause to support the body, you will be able to maintain good health, beauty and prolong youth.

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