Early fatherhood shortens the life — scientists

This is the conclusion of foreign experts. They tracked the health status of 31, thousands of men born in 40-50 years. Proved, birth to 22 years of age increases the chance of dying in 45-54 year by 26%.

The observation of the volunteers who consented to the study, continued, until they were 54 years. Scientists interested in this particular age span. Men becoming fathers at the age of 22-24 years had a 14% increased risk of early death. Apparently, the ideal age to have a complete family occurs in men at the age of 24 and ends about 30 years old.

At the age of 30-44 years, the risk of early death rises again to 22%. Scientists are not in a hurry to associate the received information with the specific factors that can affect life expectancy. This will be the topic for the next research.

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