Early Botox injections inhibit emotional development

Journal of Aesthetic Nursing has published the results of scientific work devoted to the Botox injections. Scientists have studied how cosmetic surgery affects the emotional development of girls who decided to get rid of early wrinkles.

According to the latest data, the number of girls who had decided to have Botox injections under the age of 25 years, every goth is only growing. Scientists believe that this practice may discourage emotional development. Botox prevents women to Express their emotions, because the person becomes "stretched" and "pressurized" mask.

The media actively advertise cosmetic surgery in indirect ways: most of the leading have a "frozen face without a trace of emotion", which went through a series of pulleys and injection. So eternally young face without age becomes the benchmark for millions of girls that further use of Botox injections.

Today millions of people annually use Botox, which for some time restores the youthfulness of the skin.

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Botox is more unpleasant for the user name - botulinum neurotoxin. With age, minor facial muscles contract and form wrinkles, folds. The introduction of the toxin allows you to disable or slow down the flow of the nerve signal to the muscle. As a result of their motor activity decreases. The face becomes smooth and emotionless.

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