"Early birdie" happier and healthier Sason

Scientists from the University of Toronto found that prone early to rise and early to bed people, the so-called larks, differ optimistic attitude to life compared with owls. The primary conclusion suggests itself - owls are never in a good mood, if they need early to go to work or school. However, not all larks are in a good mood in the morning, their life in General is filled with more bright colors.

The researchers compared the views of life and modes of sleep 435 people of young age, 295 people aged 59 years. All participants filled in a questionnaire about their emotional state at every time of day.

It turned out that for 60 years, many people have changed their habits and become them, young people in the advantage preferred evening hours, only 7 percent of them feel in the morning. Those who wrote that loves the morning, felt emotionally and physically on the rise, they probably just had a good sleep and could afford to get up early. When this mode starts to work better and the human immune system that allows them less likely to get sick.

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Also don't forget the factor of social schedules, larks can be much more successful in social life, as they are on the rise forces during the beginning of the workday or school day - usually at nine o'clock, while the owls are active by noon.

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