Each second pregnancy in women - unplanned

Experts from Cornell University is concerned about the situation of family planning and child. According to the latest data up to half of the children appear randomly, and the mother is not prepared for pregnancy and childbirth. In the 21st century this kind of situation should not happen so often. Only at observance of all the measures we can talk about the reduction of infant morbidity and improve the health of children.

The researchers analyzed data on pregnancies in the United States and great Britain. It turned out 50% of women pregnancy catches by surprise and becomes the unexpected news. Increasingly women become pregnant in a civil marriage, forgetting about contraception or considering it unnecessary.

With an unintended pregnancy are faced not only a dysfunctional family, but among skilled workers, the percentage of "accidental" pregnancies is significantly lower.

Apparently, the level of education has an impact on the education of the man and his vision of a healthy family. Only by discussing with your partner all the details of the birth of the child, planning a pregnancy, you can have a healthy and desirable child.

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