Each donor agencies - free funeral

Nuffield Council on bioethics concluded that the number of donations donor organs could be increased, if the donor has provided free funeral service. Health care has long been looking for a way out of the prevailing demand for organs on the proposal.

Currently on the list for a transplant costs 8,000 people, three of them daily die to do so. While in England only 29 percent of the population willing to bequeath their bodies, actually last year alone, the doctors were able to get only 1010 bodies.

Payment of funeral donors ethically justified and can attract new donors. Pilot scheme should be brought into action in the near future, as the shortage of organs at this critical moment. However, until now the officials are in doubt, as such law may lead to speculation and the desire for poor families to get their old or sick relatives forced to sign an agreement on the donation in order to receive financial support in the event of their death.

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