Vaping or Smoking e-cigarettes gaining popularity among teenagers. Not the most useful hobby has become for young people in the area for the formation of the culture of Smoking. According to statistics, many Teens to e-cigarettes did not smoke at all.

"In previous years there has been an increase in demand for electronic cigarettes, so we expected to see a decline in the number of smokers by 2014. However, the study showed that teenagers have replaced cigarettes with vaping, and some who do not smoke, began to use electronic cigarettes," says study author Jessica Barrington-Trimis.

In the US Smoking is one of the main reasons for the increased mortality. About half a million Americans die each year because of bad habits. Initially it was thought that electronic cigarettes will help people gradually withdraw from nicotine. It turned out that all is not so simple.

"The use of electronic cigarettes by young people who had not smoked, can lead to brain damage in adolescents resulting from the vaporization of liquids and flavors present in electronic cigarettes," the researchers say.

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