E-cigarettes are not less harmful than regular

Recent research by German scientists showed that popular and is considered safe e-cigarettes are actually more harmful than usual, reports the Daily Mail.

According to the Director of the Federal center of medicine in Cologne Dr. Elisabeth Pott, propylene glycol, which is used in electronic cigarettes to vaporize the nicotine that causes severe respiratory tract irritation.

And cartridges for cigarettes contain such a carcinogen, as nitrosoamine, as well as a number of other potentially hazardous substances. With the opinion of the German medical scientists agree Management experts for quality control of medicines and food products in the USA. Their research has also established the presence of contaminants in electronic cigarettes. In addition, electronic cigarettes today are not classified as medical devices, for which their regulation as a substitute for nicotine impossible.

But that's not all: the heating element is installed in the electronic cigarette turns the liquid containing nicotine, in pairs, and then people breathe it into the lungs.

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As is known, the use of electronic cigarettes are already banned in some States of America, as well as in Lithuania, Turkey, Norway, Uruguay, Australia and Brazil. In Russia the prohibition of such cigarettes will likely come within the anti-tobacco bill, which is currently pending in the Duma.

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