E-books help to cope with dyslexia

Dyslexia is a pathology that does not allow man to master the skill of reading. The rest of the skills are without work. The disease is neurological in nature: the patient is not able to perceive words and decode them, writing is given to him with difficulty. In the deficiency develops dictionary in late childhood, the lag in the Outlook from their peers.

The BBC writes that e-books can stimulate patients dyslexia for high-speed reading and comprehension of the material. Authorship studies by Russian and American scientists who investigated the mechanisms and speed of reading a hundred teenagers. The findings suggest that dyslexicon it was easier to assimilate information from e-books, where the line is shorter and contains fewer words.

Thus it is possible to help patients with a more rapid learning in school by developing special literature for dyslexicon. The experience of e-books can be easily transferred to paper literature, notes Matthew Snaps, the author of the present work.

E-books are a great choice for dyslexicon, notes the British dyslexia Association. The ability to find the right size and type of font gives the opportunity for people with dyslexia to customize the text for themselves for faster reading. This device will give patients confidence and reading will no longer be a problem and will become a process that is fun.

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