Dust and its dangers

Dust and microscopic particles in the air of homes, schools, institutes and other educational institutions, and places of work is a rich source of harmful bacteria for human health.

Scientists of the research center "BioMed Central (USA) was studied microbial flora of dust in numerous buildings, and on the basis of the results concluded that the inhalation of air with a high content of dust can lead to a significant reduction of the immune system and cause a "settlement" bacteria in the gut.

"Environment and internal environment in which a person lives most of his life, is the bearer of the potential health risks", according to microbiologists.

Examining the dust samples that were taken from hard surfaces with their work tables, racks and shelves, experts found that in the majority of samples were dominated by species of bacteria of the Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. According to experts, dust ordinary apartment in a town or office contains about five hundred harmful to human health species of bacteria, and "thanks" Pets "army" of bacteria grows at a rapid pace.

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