During menstruation increases the risk of breast cancer

Study of the process of menstruation in mice, scientists at the University of Adelaide has shown that during this process increases the risk of developing breast cancer. The reason for this is the change in the mechanism of macrophages, which are responsible for the suppression of single cancer cells from tissues, writes ABC News.

During menstruation is the weakening of the protective functions of the organism due to the decline in immune protection. This creates favorable conditions for activation of the cancer process in the breast. Professor Wendy Higman argues that during menstruation protective system women can not work adequately, which leads to impaired function of macrophages. As a result, they do not perform their main function is the absorption of foreign agents and miss kind of cancer cells, allowing them to share.

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Scientists believe that this discovery in the future could save mankind from such diseases as breast cancer, because for the solution of the mechanism of development of the disease is the development of agents that affect the root cause.

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