Due to the studies found a new type of long-acting insulin

Australian experts from the Institute of medical research Walter and Eliza Hall together with their colleagues from the Czech Republic, the UK and the US, have studied the reaction of the human body for injection of insulin. The data from this study will serve as a basis for developing a more effective method of treatment of diabetes, during which the patient will not need to receive daily insulin dose.

In the course of a scientific experiment was analysed and studied the mechanism of fusion of insulin protein located in the cell body. It should be noted that this study has been ongoing for 20 years. And, finally, a three-dimensional image of the process is created.

According to associate Professor Michael Lawrence, the obtained data allows scientists to begin to develop insulin for a long time.

Recall that human insulin the pancreas produces, and it is one of the most important components of proper metabolism in the body. Its most important function is to control the concentration of sugar in the blood.

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