Due to improper treatment of dermatitis American received a purple color

62-year-old resident of the USA Paul Karason became world famous thanks to the purple color of his skin. The man suffers from a rare disease - argyria, during which the body accumulates a lot of silver.

The stories of the Floor, seventeen years ago he started to develop dermatitis. In one of the collections of recipes of folk medicine he read that in such cases helps water that contains a large amount of silver. The American began to drink three times a day in a solution of water with colloidal silver, which was produced by passing current through the immersed electrodes.

This seemed to him a little, he smeared his body with the same water. After two years, the American began to turn blue. First it drew the attention of one of his friends, with whom they had not seen for quite a long time.

Later it turned out that silver cannot be inferred from the body, and this rare disease are no treated. Its symptom is discoloration of the skin of the patient, which occurs after two to four years after receipt of the metal in the body. Most color changes to 10 years. It should be noted that this disease is no other manifestations has not, except change the color of the skin.

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