Due to cosmic radiation is the risk of Alzheimer's disease

Despite the existing protection from cosmic radiation, future missions to Mars will be susceptible to Alzheimer's disease. The flight should last 3 years, and, according to scientists, it will have little impact on cognitive abilities astronauts and will cause changes in the brain.

Scientists from the University of Rochester claimed that radiation can be caused by a large number of charged particles, for which the walls and protective screen space station is not a hindrance.

An experiment was conducted, during which we used the particle accelerators at Brookhaven national laboratory with great speed. This radiation scientists exposed mice. They have applied the same level of radiation, which will have members of the flight to Mars. As it turned out, the mice were unable to recall specific places and objects and they developed symptoms and neurological disorders, which are inherent in the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.

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After the mouse brain was dissected showed vascular changes and large amounts of beta-amyloid, the presence of which in the brain indicates that Alzheimer's disease begins to develop.

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