Dry hair: causes and care

It happens that more recently, normal hair becomes dry, brittle and lifeless. But this change of hair style does not happen suddenly, it is preceded by many reasons, which are present for a long time and the hair will lose its appeal and energy.

Causes of dry hair and Troubleshooting

1.One of the most common causes are diet, frequent and irregular. During the diet the whole body, not just the hair, not getting enough fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, resulting in skin, hair, mucous membranes lose their properties, which under normal power gradually returned.

In the diet of women and men who want to have beautiful vibrant vitality hair must include broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, sweet pepper, and milk products.

2.Important external influence. After a lot of colourings and chemical styling and perms and get dry hair what to do with which can give himself a Barber or cosmetologist. But first of all, you need to give the hair to relax:

- do not use for drying hair after washing hair dryer, uticaj for smoothing or for Curling tongs hair: must allow the hair to restore the structure;

- wash your hair with quality shampoos, suitable only for this type of hair and when using air conditioning. Funds must contain biologically active substances: wheat germ, lecithin, extracts of lime blossom, peppermint, chamomile, vitamin B5;

- for combing hair using brushes with wooden teeth as the metal tends to injure the hair;

- not to use hair care products containing alcohol;

- shampooing should not be frequent, but only on demand, so as not to wash away the lipid layer that protects the hair;

in the cold season, be sure to wear a hat.

3.Heredity also has a huge impact on the whole organism, but with proper care, it is possible to maintain the hair in good condition.

To help dry hair become healthy and strong, you must make special masks.

1.An hour before washing your hair should be applied to them:

- a mixture of warm castor and olive oil in a 1:1 ratio and raw egg yolk;

- linseed oil and rum (2 tbsp. lodges) with the addition of 2 yolks.

2.Mask of banana and avocado

Ripe banana, half an avocado, 3 tbsp. lodges. yogurt and olive oil, 2 tbsp. lodges. the honey. The fruit mash, add the remaining ingredients and put weight on the hair, which after plating film, leaving in half an hour.

3.The mask returning strength and Shine to hair: any oil and egg yolk 2:1 beat, to cover her hair completely, to withstand 30 minutes.

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Hair masks should be applied at least 2 times per month.

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