Dry cough: causes and treatments

Many diseases can cause coughing. To completely get rid of the cough can only find out the true origin. Treatment of dry cough is carried out in different ways: alleviate, inhibit or facilitate expectoration. Today we will talk about dry cough, learn its causes and treatments.

Causes of cough

During coughing, the human body tries to forcibly expel the air that is in the lungs. Discarding occurs at high speed, which captured any foreign particles present in the respiratory tract of a human or retained secretion of the bronchi. The exhaled air flow during cough can take up to 120 meters per second.

Consider below several causes of cough.

Coughing is the body's response to various foreign body in the respiratory tract, for example, bacteria, food particles or crumbs of bread. This reflex appears in the result of irritation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract by ingestion or increase the number of foreign objects - selection, dust, gases. Simply put, the cough occurs when the larynx is obstructed normally absorb air. It can be both a cause and a consequence of many diseases, from colds, up to cancer. Also, there is a chronic cough. It develops over time, if the person is not treated. This type of cough suffer, in most cases, heavy smokers.

Diseases accompanied by dry cough: chronic bronchitis and laryngotracheitis.

In chronic bronchitis, the cough increases in the morning. Smoking is not conducive to treatment, but only supports cough and exacerbates the situation. It is better to leave this addiction, if you want to get rid of it.When laryngotracheitis cough is accompanied by a small sputum. Usually, it is hard portable, very tedious and dry. Often not without high temperature. The patient needs to lie in bed, and this only exacerbates the situation. Cough is cured by increasing the outflow of mucus and ease.

Methods to get rid of cough

Practiced for a huge number of ways to treat dry cough. First of all, you can gargle and inhalations baking soda.The amount of fluid you drink plays an important role in the mitigation of dry cough. If possible, drink alkaline mineral water in large quantities.To eliminate the sore throat you can use eucalyptus oil for inhalation. Lubrication of the throat Lugol solution and olive oil can reduce the cough reflex.

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