Drugs to lower cholesterol can cause a heart attack

Statins are used extensively to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, however, this group of drugs is fraught with not always obvious health hazard. Scientists from Japan found: the uncontrolled use of statins creates the conditions for calcium deposits on artery walls. This can cause a heart attack.

All the matter in the following. Statins block a substance required by the human body for the synthesis of vitamin K, which supports a liquid state of blood. This vitamin is needed to prevent calcification of the arteries.

"We have collected a huge amount of information about statin drugs in many published works and have found convincing evidence that these drugs accelerate hardening of arteries and can cause heart failure or worsen it", - says the head of the research group, Professor Okuyama, Harumi.

Despite this, doctors do not recommend to abandon this group of drugs. Proven fact: taking statins lowers cholesterol by almost a third, and high cholesterol is a high risk of thrombosis.

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