Drugs based on antibodies to help in the treatment of cancer

Cancers are quite frequent in our time. Cancer can spread to any organs and tissues. Through the lymph system, part of the tumor can quickly spread throughout the body by metastasis. Often without early diagnosis and purposes of specialized treatment of cancer patients die from developed pathology. Therefore, the development of new methods in the treatment of cancer is a priority and promising direction, which is able to save many human lives.

Recently, scientists-biologists at the University of Aberdeen found that IgNAR antibodies are able to prevent the development and proliferation of cancer cells of the tumor. This discovery, writes The Telegraph, will help to develop innovative drugs. In the meantime, scientists are preparing to launch a three-year survey on this topic.

In the attention of scientists got two connections - HER2 and HER3,. These molecules are localized on the surface of cancer cells. At the confluence of the substances is the activation of the growth and division of tumor. Scientists believe that IgNAR antibodies capable of preventing the increase in the blocking signal.

It is noted that a high content of HER2 is found in women with breast cancer. Given the fact that this type of cancer is often resistant to standard drug therapy and this trend is only growing, preparations of antibodies are truly needed and innovative development in the field of Oncology.

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