Drug treatment of women - the main difficulties

Drug addiction is the Bane of any society. Every day more and more people become drug dependent. And how tragic would not have sounded, according to statistics more dependent on this disease into women. The fair half of mankind become addicted to 15 times faster than men. This is caused by the peculiarities of the female body. And drug treatment for women often is like harder and longer.

First of all, scientists tend to assume that drug dependence in women is closely linked to the hormone estrogen. This hormone has a great influence on the process in the cerebral cortex, as well as on the rate of attachment to bad habits.

In addition, women are more pronounced psychological dependence. They take drugs to fight depression or fear.

According to research, it was found that most women try drugs for the first time under the pressure of men. Fear of rejection is one of the main motivations that guided the woman.

Female drug addiction leads to negative consequences for both her physical and mental health and for society as a whole. In order to help women to escape this condition, you need to immediately start treatment. The healing process is longer than that of men. This is due to the fact that women are more difficult social adaptation. It is harder for them to forget their experiences and to engage in life, family or work.

First you need a woman to be isolated from society by placing in narcology. The main aim of treatment is to remove the dependency. Experienced specialists is the detoxification of the body, restoring the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

The most important thing in the treatment of drug - complexity. In addition to the psychiatrist, and still need a professional psychotherapist. He will be able to find the optimal rehabilitation program and return to the previous image. These include family therapy, social assistance and many others. The therapist must convince his patient in need of treatment.

A very effective tool in the fight against addiction are joint trainings. It is important that they participated in those people who have found the strength to overcome this disease. Many patients will want to follow their example.

The treatment of female drug dependence is a rather long process. Its result depends to a large extent not the professionalism of the doctors, and from the desire of women to regain its original appearance.

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