Drug-resistant tuberculosis is sweeping across Europe

In Europe at an alarming rate applies lekarstvovedenija form of tuberculosis, warns the world Health Organization. This can lead to a pandemic in Western Europe and kill thousands of people, if health authorities will not solve the problem in time.

Annual TB incidence 9 million people around the world, in 1993, who declared TB a particularly dangerous disease for mankind. Dormant tuberculosis bacteria with every third person in the world, but the disease manifests itself only when the bacteria are activated. The reason for this can be reduced immunity, aging, HIV or other diseases. Pulmonary tuberculosis is an infectious disease transmitted by airborne capillary method.

Although TB is curable, and make a number of reported recent cases of lekarstvomoscow forms of tuberculosis, the TB multidrug-resistant named MDR-TB. For its treatment requires long-term therapy with second-line drugs, which is more expensive and causes unpleasant side effects.

If fail second-line drugs, MDR-TB turns into XDR-TB - TB extensively drug-resistant, which is virtually untreatable.

Because of the resistant forms of TB mortality from this disease can rise from 7 percent to 50 percent, because every year MDR-TB and XDR-TB ill ABC. And more than 80,000 cases occur in Europe, the highest incidence rates were recorded in London.

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