Drug for the treatment of mental disorders helps with blood cancer

Perphenazine is an old drug. Doctors use it for half a century for the treatment of mental and emotional disorders. Before scientists found that this tool can help with cancer of the blood. Information was confirmed in several studies. It turned out that T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia can be brought under control with the help of this tool.

The author of the research were scientists at Harvard medical school, who conducted tests on the fish. Preventin activated enzyme PP2A. This substance helps in fighting cancer cells. The positive anti-cancer effect is not associated with the influence on the human psyche.

Scientists plan to study in detail the effect of the drug and the mechanism of its interaction with the tumor. In the future, possibly opening the individual molecules of an enzyme for artificial its synthesis and development of specific tools.

Note that T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia is a rare form of blood cancer. However, its share among this type of cancer is 20%, which is not too little.

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