Drug addicts in Russia will begin to heal forcibly

Recent changes in the criminal code and the Code of administrative violations will allow compulsory treatment of drug addicts. In some cases it is possible to towards drug addicts on screening, prevention and rehabilitation. Progress will be monitored by the criminal-Executive inspection.

Refuse will result in a penalty addict to 5 thousand rubles, and the arrest for 30 days. Experts believe that the treatment of drug addicts is the most effective measure. Every year from drugs die 130 thousand people. To change the situation changes were made to the laws. Now the program works rehabilitation of drug users is allocated for 150 thousand people every year. In 2014, the service will receive a total of about three billion rubles.

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The first experience gets Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. There addict receives certificates for treatment in private centers. The program began in January of 2014. The certificate is given to addicts over the age of 18 years, the amount on lechenie - 35 thousand rubles, which are paid from the Treasury of the local Department of social security.

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