Drug addiction: the secret of the grey streets of Canada

American journal Drug and Alcohol dependence" has published an interesting work canadian addiction. Scientists have discovered what secrets hide the gray streets of Canada and from what dependencies suffer homeless canadian women.

Scientists have set ourselves the task to examine the current prevalence of substance abuse in a sample of homeless women in Canada. Conclusions based on clinical interview 196 women from three cities in Canada, the average age of which is estimated at 35.3 years.

The rating on the prevalence of drug use among this population, as follows:

first place - crack (58 percent),

second - alcohol (53 percent),

third - cannabis (41%),

fourth - heroin (20%)

Experts have revealed the dependence on psychotropic substances from 82.4 per cent of the respondents, of whom the drug at 70.5 percent and alcoholism at 37.8 percent.

Dr. Katie Lee, who oversees the study, said: "the saddest Thing is that the majority of people living on the streets women are women of young age, earning drugs sex business".

This spread of drug abuse among antisocial populations leads to a rise in HIV infection, tuberculosis, mental disorders. Researchers believe that there should be established a state program that will meet the needs of those layers and limit the growth of dependence on psychoactive substances.

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