Drug addiction can be cured by changing memories

Chinese scientists have offered the public a new technique for the treatment of drug or alcohol dependency - change memory patients. Scientists believe that the basis of addiction to drugs are pleasant emotions and feelings that a person experiences from them, if you rewrite a person's memory and replace positive feeling negative, the craving for drugs and alcohol will disappear by itself, to be replaced by disgust.

It is known that after treatment in the clinics of addicts recover from the physical craving for harmful substances, but not psychological. Chinese offer to create a more erudite in the memory of the patient window, a few minutes with the proper influence the brain reprograms itself. Researchers from Peking University attracted to participate in the program two drug addicts suffering from heroin addiction for over 1 years.

Subjects viewed a specially crafted movie about the dangers of drugs, which not only carry the semantic load, but unconsciously set up the brains of study participants on the need for researchers wave. After which spot was aired with negative emotions about the break-up. After a special roller memory in subjects became malleable, at that time, his memories can be changed in these ten minutes of positive memories about the "buzz" from heroin should be changed to negative or neutral. Thus, the human mind can fool almost six months.

For reasons of clarity, the second group of subjects viewed videos without configuring the consciousness that contains standard information about the dangers of drugs.

It turned out that in the first group after 180 days craving for drugs decreased almost to zero.

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