Driver's medical certificate - where to quickly get?

When issuing a driver's license or technical inspection of vehicle traffic requires drivers medical certificate of health, which allows you to drive vehicles.

Currently, many hospitals offer a paid service - passing the driver's commissions and obtain a medical certificate giving the right driving motor vehicles.

The medical Board consists of doctors of the following specialties: physician, ophthalmologist (eye doctor), neurologist, surgeon. With the passage of the Commission in regular clinics are required to travel long queue to each of the specialists, so drivers prefer to visit private centers, where not much more you can quickly go through all the doctors and get appropriate medical document.

Unfortunately, the recent increase in cases of issue of the medical document in the approved form, which leads to a failure of the traffic police authorities in issuing necessary for vehicle control document. Therefore, it is important to know that until 2017 in Russia approved the form 831-n dated 28 September 2010 (an example of such a form, you can see in the picture in this publication).

In St. Petersburg the driver's medical certificate, in the approved form and signing of all necessary specialists, quickly issued at the medical center "silent witness SPB" LLC address: metro station "Ladozhskaya", Rjabovskoe highway, house # 37, building 3, office 6 phone 490-67-79, in addition there is the possibility of specialist Nadom.

And don't forget that help need personal photo 3 x 4 cm and help on blood type or the presence of corresponding stamp in the passport or military ID.

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