Drivers are obese are three times more likely than pedestrians

The drivers are usually on the road play a privileged role and a secondary role for pedestrians. According to the results of a new study, published in the organ of the "Journal of applied physiology", in the first place are pedestrians, who are three times less prone to obesity than drivers.

The results of the statistical analysis indicate that about 72 percent of the population in the world prefer to travel on not by public transport and on foot, and personal vehicle. At the level of the human factor that is understandable, because personal auto gives a person primarily comfort and freedom of movement. But this method severely limits the movements of the driver.

On average, pedestrians pass in the day about two miles and more, which has a positive fitness effect and, thus, favors the person in maintaining optimal body weight. During the week the mileage traversed by pedestrian increases of twenty. And the drivers, the owners of private cars during the week and about a kilometer and a half, which is not enough for your body to keep in shape and form.

Endurance drivers also significantly reduced, because they absolutely do not bother walks. Based on the same studies that show that people who have problems with excess weight and want to get rid of it for some time, you should opt to travel by private transport, preferring walking to public transport.

Thanks to Hiking, you can easily train the muscles of the legs, and abdominals. This group of muscles is weakened, if a long time the person is in a sitting position.

It is not surprising that women, sitting down behind the wheel of a car, after six months of active travel are beginning to see that they formed belly, cellulite appear "fat". Doctors recommend that car owners to alternate travel by car travel by public transport. Although the best result can be someone who went from a car seat on the saddle, as it has long been the custom in Europe.

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Trips by bike to work and back will be a great alternative to going to the gym, but only if to make such a trip at least every other day. So one piece of advice - all together connecting to a useful form of transport, the name of that bike!

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